Ishnu-alah. <The Highborne> is a guild that bases its principles on wellborn kinship, knowledge-seeking and group sneering sessions. The Highborne community had a small, yet devoted sect of members under Queteron Charax S.E.O., Lorothil Zentar S.E.O. and Archmage Ithrades Sarapalia, and remain so under their new leader, the Imperial Censor of Eldre’Thalas, Wrall. The only glues holding the members together are their shared place in the Highborne caste (and, most likely, the princely House of Shen’dralar), friendship and amity, and allegiance to the Highborne cause.

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Letter to Priests of the Church of Holy Light

This letter, copied onto crisp white parchment, is sent to all noted priests, bishops, deans and deacons of the Church of Holy Light in Stormwind, and finds distribution in its Cathedral.

Right worshipful and reverent Bishops, Deans, Deacons and Presbyters as are resident within that Archiepiscopal See in that realm of Stormwind,

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Shadow Hold, 2016

The Highborne breach the abandoned Shadow Council fortress, Shadow Hold, in search of one of their artifacts – an intact Harp of Discord, heard making awful and discordant noises. After fighting three satyr and a human mercenary corps, they successfully recover it.

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Northrend, 2016

This gallery contains 19 photos.

In the spring of 2016, the Highborne diverge from an Allied expedition to explore with their allies the frozen north, in particular the great city of Ulduar.

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Images of the Firmament

This scientific treatise is kept in a hidebound book in both the Athenaeum and the Isildien Scriptorium. It is certainly recent.

Let it be recorded unto posterity that expeditionaries attached to the Imperial Court as it is constituted in Isildien did in the fourth and fifth months of the year thirty-one in the hundred and fiftieth imperial century venture into that city of the gods, ULDUAR, and so did in the Gallery of Stars make recordings by way of the magics of the lorekeepers of the planets as shaped by the gods.

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A Palatine’s Duty ~ I

Shandaral sat in a valley at the roof of the world, among verdant forest and crystal lake. To its north stood a glacier so great it seemed black even under moonlight and mountains so old they were said to precede the world itself, and gods were said to walk among them. To its south lay the dragonlands, a vast landscape from which the mighty dragons sent their representatives. Shandaral’s towering white spires, standing like icicles among snow-capped mountains, represented the font of elven civilisation in the north. Its court was of such renown that scholars and artisans would abandon the fertile riches of the midlands and take up residence in those colder climes simply to be at the heart of it. Rumour had it that jealousy of Shandaral’s wonders was voiced even in Zin-Azshari.

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